About R500

The Reformation was one of the most transformational events in western civilization. It forever altered the structure of society and directly impacted the founding of the United States of America.

The upcoming 500th anniversary represents an opportunity for us to pause and reflect on big, fundamental questions and ideas around faith, philosophy and liberty.

It’s also an opportunity for the various denominations in Christendom to come together and reflect on both the history and the current status of the church around the globe.

R500 plans to explore the Reformation’s impact on faith, philosophy, liberty and culture; and to begin discussing the best way(s) to commemorate the upcoming 500th anniversary in 2017.

R500 participants come from a variety of denominations, including Roman Catholic, mainline Protestants, Orthodox Catholic and Evangelicals.

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For more information, contact:

Charlie Davis
(225) 485-7395

4528 Bennington Ave.
Suite 300B
Baton Rouge, LA 70808

R500 Advisory Board

Buddy Roemer

Buddy Roemer

Buddy Roemer served as both a U.S. Congressman (1981-1988) and Governor of Louisiana (1988-1992). After leaving public office he pursued a variety of business ventures, most recently as the founder, CEO, and President of Business First Bank, a community bank with approximately $650 million in assets. In 2012 he ran for President of the United States, first as a Republican and later as an Independent.

Judge Paul Pressler

The Honorable Paul Pressler, III

The Hon. H. Paul Pressler III is a former Texas Appeals Court Justice, and is principally known for his leadership inside the Southern Baptist Convention.

Dave Wardell

Dr. Dave Wardell

Dave Wardell is the co-founder of the International Christian Men's Ministry, Promise Keepers. Dr. Wardell retired from PK in January of 2007, after 18 years in field ministry. He currently has his own ministry called "Every Living Creature" (Genesis 1:28) to minister to men, women and kids who love to hunt, fish and are active in shooting sports. He has also served as an Assistant Professor and coached Gymnastics at the University of Colorado and has taught and coached Gymnastics at Kansas State University. He currently resides in Broomfield, Colorado.